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Do you have issues with anxiety and depression? You are not alone. In fact, it seems like almost everyone these days has had some type of run-in with mental illness. If you are struggling with anxiety or depression, the absolute best thing that you can do is get moving, and get moving now. Exercise has such a profound and immediate impact on mental health that it should be the first thing you consider. Using a home exercise machine is a perfect way to start fighting depression and anxiety.


Whether you are dealing with anxiety, depression or both, the benefits from exercise are profound. First, exercise can make you feel better in the truest sense of the word. When your body gets moving, ‘feel-good’ endorphins are released in your brain that can give a feeling of relaxation and well-being. They call it a “runner’s high,” because there is an actual drug-like reaction occurring in the brain that guides you toward positivity.

Exercise also can make you feel better by taking your mind off things. At the basis of most cases of anxiety and depression, there is typically a cycle of negative thoughts that feel inescapable. Exercise puts your mind into an active state where you can break free of that cycle and focus on the task at hand. Being idle is one of the worst things you can do when struggling with mental illness. So the next time you start to feel overwhelmed, immediately hop on your home exercise machine and get your mind off of things.

Anxiety and depression often negatively impact your confidence and social life, which leaves you feeling even worse. Exercise can help boost your confidence by giving you a way to meet goals and challenges. Exercise also improves your physical appearance, which is a huge confidence booster. Another great aspect of exercise for mental health is the social environment it can provide. Exercising with others is a great way to get to know them as well as establish social routines. That rough, depressing day can seem a little better knowing that you are going to end up having some laughs with your exercise buddies. If you and your workout buddy aren’t fond of the gym, try taking turns working with a home exercise machine, or get an extra one for when you have guests!


If you are already overwhelmed with anxiety or clouded with depression, the prospect of actually getting up and putting the work in can seem daunting. Fortunately, you really don’t need to exercise that much in order to see an improvement. In fact, only 30 minutes of exercise a day 3-5 days a week can significantly reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Even 10-15 minutes of exercise can help you feel better. Think about it, would you rather suffer through anxiety and depression for the next 30 minutes, or take control of your emotions with a simple workout? Put in 30 easy minutes on a home exercise machine and you will feel better in no time.


The hardest part of exercising with depression and anxiety is getting started. That’s why it’s a good idea to follow some guidelines for staying motivated. Start by setting reasonable goals. If you make a decision to work out for 3 hours every day, twice a day, to combat depression, you might be setting the bar too high. The moment you fall short of unrealistic goals you might become discouraged from exercising. That’s why you should think about what you can actually accomplish and stay on track. Another great way to stay motivated is by spending more time in the room that holds your home exercise machine. This will remind you exercise.

Another way to get started is by reframing your perspective of exercise. If you see exercise as a boring chore that you have to do, it will make it far more difficult to get and stay motivated. Instead, think about exercise as your shortcut to happiness.


There is really no way around it, when you aren’t feeling mentally strong, one of the best motivators is having a home exercise machine in the home. When fighting anxiety and depression, you are going to need a unit that gives a powerful workout. The VDip Power Station is a revolutionary home exercise machine that offers a myriad of challenging workouts all in one unit. Inspired by fitness legend Vince Gironda, the VDip Power Station has unique V-shaped bars that give a more powerful workout than typical parallel dip bars. Contact us today to ease your stress with the VDip Power Station.

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Ronnie Jones Sr.
Ronnie Jones Sr.
26 ม.ค. 2564

Thanks To You i have been thinking more about my health at 66yrs old .i Really need to do more exercise and God willing I'll will be doing Vdips.

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