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If you have been working out in the gym, you know how much hard work it requires. Building strength, toning your muscles, and burning fat is no joke. Nowadays, dips are trending because it could very well be the best exercise you can ever do to achieve that lean physique that you desire. These are intense isolation exercises that are effective in developing powerful and well-defined triceps, forearms, chest, shoulders, lower back, and even your abs.

Get the look and performance you want with the Vdip Power Station!

The Vdip Power Station is designed primarily for dips. Its patented design and functionality will help you hit your fitness targets in the shortest time possible. Aside from being used for dipping, it can also be used as a workout bench. We included a complementary set of 40-lb. resistance bands to add variety to your routines. In just three steps, you can easily set it up without requiring any tools. This way, you get to spend more time working on your physique.

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