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Doing things on your own can be hard. It’s no different when it comes to working out. Many find it difficult to stay motivated. When working out alone, it can be hard to keep yourself accountable. However, there are dozens of reasons why someone might prefer working out at home. It’s cost effective, and you have plenty of privacy. It can also be easier to fit exercise into your schedule if you’re working out at home. Twelve steps into the basement is an easier commute than ten miles to the gym!

Luckily, you don’t need to pay a personal trainer a hefty hourly fee in order to keep yourself accountable and inspired. There are plenty of simple things you can do to stay motivated about working out at home.


People who exercise at home typically keep their workout equipment in one designated area. Often it’s in a basement, garage, attic, or specific room. To keep yourself motivated to work out, do everything you can to make that space as conducive to a productive workout as possible.

Own the space, and make it positive. The best thing about working out at home is that you can do whatever you want with your exercise space. Decorate it with motivational quotes, inspiring pictures, or images of your goals. Give yourself visual reminders of things that inspire you to be a better you, like pictures of your ideal body, your family, your favorite place, etc.

Your workout will feel a lot more productive if you’re surrounded by things that motivate and inspire you. It’s a lot easier to push yourself when you’re in a positive, inspiring space than it is when you’re staring at the cement walls of your dingy basement.


It’s easier to stick with working out at home when you treat your sessions as appointments, rather than chores. Decide how many times a week you’d like to exercise, and then schedule them. Treat these as appointments with yourself, and block out time in your day for them. Give them the same priority you would a doctor’s appointment, or a lunch with a friend you haven’t seen in a long time. This helps you feel accountable for keeping them.

Reserving time in your schedule moves your workouts from the “optional” category to the “must do” category. It’s an hour or so in your day where you only have to focus on bettering yourself and your body. Treating your workouts as a chore, or continuously skipping them will only create a negative association in your brain. Add them to your schedule, and they will quickly become part of your daily routine.


The importance of tracking your progress cannot be understated. Many people begin working out and quickly grow frustrated when they don’t see any immediate results. Changes to your body are slow and gradual. It can take weeks of dedication before changes even begin to appear. Often, you won’t even notice the progress when it occurs, unless you’re comparing before and after pictures.

That’s why keeping a written record of your progress is essential. When you look in the mirror, you may not notice that you’re looking slimmer. However, you will notice if you can do 10 bodyweight dips when you could only do 4 the previous week. Seeing your strength increase or changes in your body measurements will help display your progress and keep you motivated, even when you can’t see physical changes.


As with most things that require work, staying motivated is easier when you set goals for your progress. Keep these goals realistic and attainable. If your goal is “lose 25 pounds in three weeks,” it’s likely that you’ll quickly grow frustrated. Instead, set yourself tangible goals like, “do a pull up at full bodyweight by the end of the week,” or “do 50 sit ups consecutively.”

It’s easier to feel accomplished if you’re working toward an attainable goal, as opposed to working out because you feel like you ought to. The more accomplished you feel, the more likely you are to stay motivated about working out at home. Once you reach your goals, revel in your success and then set new ones. If you keep yourself from stagnating, your progress will continue and you’ll continue to see results.


Remember to reward yourself. When you accomplish a goal or reach a milestone, treat yourself to something special. These rewards can be anything – a special treat, a new pair of sneakers, some type of workout gear, etc. Don’t over indulge on food to the point where you halt your progress, but a slice of pizza or some chocolate will do the trick. Acknowledging your success is crucial to keeping your motivation. Take a moment to give yourself a pat on the back. This will reinforce the behavior, and keep you excited to continue.


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