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For many people, consistency is the most challenging aspect of getting fit. After several workouts when your body is sore, skipping a day can be easily justified. However, problems occur when one missed workout expands into a week of missed workouts. And let's be honest, there are a million excuses for why you stopped working out, but the problem remains the same: inconsistency led to another failed attempt of getting fit.

This is a common issue for those who decide to embark on their fitness journeys alone. Alternatively, sharing a workout regimen with someone else is a great way to stay on track and have fun while exercising. The emotional and physical benefits of having a motivator will definitely surprise you. A workout buddy is extremely beneficial for those who are serious about achieving their fitness goals. Check out our top 6 reasons to have a workout partner.


Did you know that a bi-weekly phone call reminding your workout buddy to exercise can increase their workout productivity by 78%? A study by Stanford University found that a phone call asking about how much exercise someone did in the past week could greatly increase productivity and keep them on track. This was all done over the phone with only a quick reminder. Imagine how much help it is having a workout buddy personally motivate you for a workout. This is a highly effective way to achieve your fitness goals.


Fitness has a learning curve. You need to find out what diet, routine, and the equipment is best suited for your goals. With a workout buddy, you can share fitness knowledge to help each other improve and experiment with new home fitness equipment. Sometimes not knowing how to use an apparatus will deter you from trying. A workout buddy will encourage you to learn how to use new equipment, improving both of your fitness knowledge and providing a new workout you both can add to your routine in the future.


In order to get the most out of a workout, your form needs to be correct. A workout buddy can spot flaws in your form and may have some suggestions for improvement. Even if you both don’t know much about exercise, you can point out obvious mistakes, and every tip helps.

4. friendly COMPETITION

A little friendly competition never hurt anybody. Even the least competitive of us have to admit, besting an opponent feels good. This is especially true when this is an opponent you are accustomed to losing to. One study found that people perform better when they have a workout partner who is more athletic than they are. The best motivation is when your workout partner has a 40% lead in performance because you have a goal to strive for. This phenomenon is known as the Köhler Effect. When in doubt, find a workout buddy who will challenge you, you won’t regret it.


How many times have you laid on your couch too comfortable (or lazy) to get up, and exercise? On days when you have no motivation, a workout buddy can significantly help yo stay on track. A simple "get dressed we're going to the gym" can boost your energy, get you moving, motivated, and ultimately keep you committed to achieving your fitness goals.

6. get fit at HOME

Going to the gym with a workout partner can end up with both people putting on their headphones and working out near each other without interacting. When working out with a friend in the privacy of one's home, you truly enjoy your workout without worrying about the people around you.

Working out at home is most beneficial when you have the right equipment to stay in shape. The VDip Power Station is the ultimate home workout equipment for body weight exercises. We have designed a revolutionary V-shaped apparatus for dip exercises which provides a challenging and effective workout. The unit also doubles as a workout bench and has tension bands, so you can participate in numerous exercises with only one piece of equipment. Contact us today and you and your workout buddy can join the VDip Power Movement!

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